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Father and Son

Special Father’s Day!

We honor and celebrate all the Fathers this Father’s Day!. Just in time for Father’s Day, a special gift would be to have a Father and Baby photo shoot! We’ll professionally capture those precious photos while they’re young as they change and grow so fast. You can spend your time with your precious little one like this new daddy, and we’ll handle capturing those moments and documenting them for you!

Dance Video Fun!

A peek into the Orcatek photo shoot on location and checking the slider for the Second Skin Dancewear company! You’re business is everything! When it comes to advertising or your product photos, you need to bring on a professional photographer. The quality of your photos and image of your products can make the difference between average sales and a highly successful business. You’re image is everything and sometimes you only get one shot at creating it. Trust Orcatek with all your business image and product needs!

Family Holiday Photo Shoot!

The holidays are coming and it’s that time of year again for family portraits and holiday photos! Take away the stress this season and count on Orcatek for your family holiday photos! Time seems to fly by and getting the family together for a photo shoot is not only fun, but it is so important to capture the special times with family every year. Give yourself the gift of family photos this holiday season!

Karate Kids!

What could be more fun than getting to photograph a team of cool and talented kids! Orcatek gets the opportunity to shoot the Black Belt Students at the Core Strength Martial Arts Studio every season. We have a team photo here for the students and studio and every student has photos from their individual shoots as well!

Portrait Photography Workshop

A look into the photoshoots by students in our Portrait Photography Workshop! Students learn each week about all the basic lighting and into the more specific and advanced lighting techniques to step up their portrait photo skills. The students have plenty of time shooting our models with each of the lighting setups. This class, as well as all our specialty workshops, have smaller class sizes so each student has plenty of shooting time with the model to try out their new skills. In addition, the students have one-on-one time with the instructor to ensure their understanding of what they are learning and to get their questions answered! Portrait photography is a great skill to learn, it can bring people a lot of happiness at seeing their photos professionally taken and displayed perfectly. People can set up their business anywhere in the world as it is an international need and want. You can get a Portrait Photographer in Barcelona, France, China, Britain, the list goes on and on.


Martial Arts Shoot!

A behind the scenes look at the Orcatek photo shoot for martial arts students! The shoot included both individual student photos and a group photos. Orcatek has been shooting many types of group and team photos for martial arts, dance and team sports!



Strong Business Portraits!

Whether you realize it or not, your image is everything. This is especially true in business and attempting to sell yourself and services. Your photo can be used on business cards, websites, social media, political ads, and for the entertainment world…your headshot and resume combined are what get you an audition or meeting to book jobs. With this being said, your portrait or headshot should be done professionally and not a quick picture taken with a cell phone. We have years of experience with photographing business portraits and headshots for all fields of work, including this Business Portrait for a client.


Photoshop for Photographers Class!

This weekend’s Orcatek Photography specialty class, The Art of Headshots was both fun and very informative. Students learned the process of setting up and creating the perfect headshot photos for business, actors and commercial. Check out and register today for our next upcoming specialty class, Photoshop for Photographers this weekend.


Class Reunion Shoot!

A behind the scenes look at the Orcatek photo shoot for the Sunnyslope High School Reunion of ’64, ’65 and ’66!!! These students still know how to party and have a fun time!


Update Your Headshots!

Actors, models, executives…now is the perfect time to update your headshot photos! It is very important to keep your headshot photos current and updated every few months. A fresh new look represents a fresh new you in presenting yourself to the world, future clients and potential jobs you’re trying to book. In addition, headshot photos are also used on dating sites…present the best images of yourself when looking for that perfect match!


Headshot Photographer Head Shot