Creative Headshots

Creative Headshots

Whether you realize it or not, your image is everything. This is especially true in business and attempting to sell yourself and services. Your photo can be used on business cards, websites, social media, political ads, and for the entertainment world…your headshot and resume combined are what get you an audition or meeting to book jobs. With this being said, your portrait or headshot should be done professionally and not a quick picture taken with a cell phone. We have years of experience with photographing business portraits and headshots for all fields of work, including this Business Portrait for a client.

Embrace Your Beauty!

Hopefully we will be getting back to a normal life again someday soon. When we do, why not try something bold and fun and do what scares you! Celebrate your beautiful self by booking a sexy photo shoot! We have so much experience in boudoir photography. This beautiful Boudoir shot shows that sexiness can be found in the most simple of settings. Our model has an innocence about her that is attractive and captivating. The use of specific lighting techniques and shadows along with her natural beauty and innocence creates a photo that is priceless and leaves the viewer wanting more!

Adorable Newborn!

A beautiful photo from a past Newborn shoot! In addition to Maternity photo shoots, we also offer Newborn photo shoots once your precious baby arrives! This adorable newborn baby had her first Orcatek Photo shoot and was a star! Not only is a Maternity photo shoot important and special to capture the moments leading up to the birth of your beautiful baby, but adding on a Newborn photo shoot will capture the early moments that slip by so fast.

Father and Son

Special Father’s Day!

We honor and celebrate all the Fathers this Father’s Day!. Just in time for Father’s Day, a special gift would be to have a Father and Baby photo shoot! We’ll professionally capture those precious photos while they’re young as they change and grow so fast. You can spend your time with your precious little one like this new daddy, and we’ll handle capturing those moments and documenting them for you!

Father and Son

Love is Everything

In what might seem like very troubling and scary times in the world, we could all use some extra love and bonding. We all need to embrace our families, loved ones and all of humanity. If you are expecting, why not enjoy a maternity photo shoot and bring the whole family. It would be a great bonding experience and fun and joy for everyone! The photos from the shoot will be cherished for years to come and always be a reminder of the love your family shares!

Headshot with a Twist!

There is definitely an art to Headshot photography.  Your headshot photo can be used on business cards, websites, social media, political ads, and for the entertainment world…your headshot and resume combined are what get you an audition or meeting to book jobs. With this being said, headshot photography can also be artistic and non traditional. This stunning headshot image for our client is artistic, interesting and a cool alternative to the usual conventional shots.

Headshots in Black and White

Kandiss Black and White Headshot
Kandiss Black and White Headshot

With almost everything being in color in photography today, the fine art of a great black and white headshot is slipping away. It seems that photographers are usually reserving it for fine art photographs. Whereas I include it in my glamour and boudoir work, black and white also has a place in portraits and headshots. Particularly when it comes to business portraits, black and white offers a sense of traditionalism and as trends come and go, a black and white headshot is sure to remain timeless without looking out of place among the most trendy business web pages. Headshots like this can bring an air of professionalism and may get you to stand out more from the crowd. Using a Booth for Professional Headshots to get you the right pictures for your portfolio, is a smart choice and will set you apart from those who take it themselves.

The tonality of a black and white image adds a special depth to the images that just can’t be done with a traditional color photograph. It is even more important that the photographer control the light with black and white to create those moods. Photographer Olga Topchii (you can see her work at, for example, understands the importance of tonality in her photography. She has black and white images that focus on composition to generate the appropriate mood. Not enough photographers focus on in this day and age. Often many photographers try to boost their colors too much.

Color has become a crutch for some photographers, so worried about the perfect red that they overlook the other key elements to photography. Black and white, with the constraints it poses, forces the use of all a photographer’s skills to get a great image.

Digital photographers have it even tougher. A portrait / headshot shot in black and white digitally does not have the same available range as film. Some of the typical techniques to work around this in landscapes such as HDR, do not work practically with a person whose expression and eyes are key and move just the slightest bit between the frames.

There are other techniques that a skilled digital photographer can use to work around this, but it is a skill that takes time to learn.

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