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Maternity Magic!

Once your baby arrives, time seems to fly by! When planning your Maternity Photo Shoot it is also important to set up your future newborn shoot at the same time so you aren’t left without those beautiful first moments of your newborn’s life. We’ll professionally capture those precious photos while they’re just a couple weeks old as they change and grow so fast. In addition, we can set up a future shoot for their first birthday. You can spend your time with your precious little one and we’ll handle capturing those moments and documenting them for you!

Maternity Glow!

A behind the scene’s look at an image from a previous Orcatek Maternity photo shoot at our Studio! We have multiple shooting bays to fit all of your projects and productions, including fun family shoots!  Take the worry out of your projects and productions and rely on us for your shooting location so you can focus on your work!

Precious Photo Shoot!

In addition to Maternity photo shoots, we also offer Newborn photo shoots once your precious baby arrives! This adorable newborn baby had her first Orcatek Photo shoot and was a star! Not only is a Maternity photo shoot important and special to capture the moments leading up to the birth of your beautiful baby, but adding on a Newborn photo shoot will capture the early moments that slip by so fast.

Private Maternity Photo Lesson!

Not only do we teach photography classes and workshops, but we also do private photography lessons for students! This private lesson was for our Maternity Photography Workshop! This was a private lesson for an experienced photographer that needed to strengthen his skills in shooting Maternity. For students who require a more one-on-one learning style or would like to learn specific types of photography, our private lessons are perfect!

Capturing Maternity Magic!

Life seems to move by so fast, and it is so important to capture precious moments.When it comes to Maternity photo shoots, don’t trust just anyone to capture these precious times. We have so much experience with shooting Maternity. Not only is a Maternity photo shoot so important to document the exciting time waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive, but it also essential to have a Newborn photo shoot once your baby arrives. A beautiful and fun option with the newborn shoot is to include both parents.  These photos are so precious and will last a lifetime along with all of the memories that are made during this exciting time.


Maternity Photography Workshop!

A behind the scene’s look at our soon to be mom embracing her belly during our Maternity Photography Workshop! All of these moments are priceless to capture and document for the future while waiting with excitement for your beautiful bundle of joy to arrive! Our Maternity Workshop is one of our many specialty photography classes that allow students to learn and have plenty of shooting time with the model to put their new skills into practice.


Couple’s Maternity Shoot

A maternity shoot helps celebrate and create lasting memories of such an exciting time. What could be more loving and beautiful than including your partner in the shoot as you show love for your future child.



New Year, New Fun

Seems everyone wants to learn how to use their camera, so my photography classes have been filled.

Boudoir photography sessions have slowed down, but will pickup again for Valentines day.

Sometimes I get clients for maternity photographer work the were boudoir clients before.  Hmmm, I wonder.

So much to talk about

First of all, I have been teaching constantly.  And I have schedule a lot of photography classes and workshops.  So now is the time to learn all my tricks.

I played around with water for a bunch of boudoir photographs.  Be sure to check them out.  Next summer I will be doing this again.

And maternity and newborn photography is always popular.  I love it when my maternity clients return for their newborn photos.  It lets me enjoy a bit of that special time in their life.


CinemaTique and More

Orcatek Photography is now working with CinemaTique Creative Group to produce an wide variety of project including UFOria TV, Soldier (a new docudrama), music videos and educational services.

Of course we will still provide all the services we are known for such as amazing boudoir photography, beautiful maternity photographs, cute newborn photos, head shots, automotive photography and photography classes and workshops.