Fun Boudoir Samples

Fun Boudoir Samples

Shot a lot of boudoir for Valentines.  Here are some samples that I was permitted to show.   Privacy is number one, so only with permission do we show your photos.

nude girl flashes in boudoir photo

Whew – it’s been busy

Finally got a few moments to update my blog.  So many shoots this week.  I’ve been doing a lot of shoots for 480 Magazine.   Lots of fun shooting the wonderful ladies that are part of this.

4 sexy ladies in a sexy boudoir bathtub by Orcatek photography in his Phoenix studio
480 Magazine

My boudoir photography experience came in handy for this shoot.

Lots of clients also rented The Studio this week.  I shot lots of behind the scenes photos.

Spent some time preparing for the Introduction to Photography Class coming up on April 16.  You can still register.  Call about the $29 special – regularly $99.  Be sure to check out our other photography classes.   Want to get on our list about workshops, just drop an email to [email protected].


Things are settling down

Several students came to the studio for private photography lessons.    A few were repeat students coming in to take more advance classes.  I love teaching photography to enthusiasts.

Maternity photography was another busy area.   Some very excited moms to be came in to capture their pregnancy bellies.  Even some of the siblings got in on the act.

Family hands on pregnant belly by phoenix maternity photographer Orcatek

And of course there was a lot of boudoir photography for Valentines that kept my very busy.    So many amazing woman gave such a personal gift to that special man in their lives.

Stephanie in sexy red lingerie by phoenix boudoir photographer Orcatek

Business is growing slowly but surely.  I have recently expanded my boudoir photography into Las Vegas.  With it being a popular destination for so many, it makes it the perfect place for boudoir photos.

Sexy Stripper Pole Set

With pole dancing classes being popular, we started to get a lot of requests for stripper pole photos.  It took some time to find the right pole and solution and a way to create sexy and classy photos with this new boudoir set.

Stripper pole set added to create sexy boudoir photos with Phoenix photographer Orcatek

What kind of boudoir photographer would we be if we just set up a pole?  So it required much more than just a pole for us to be happy with the result.  We wanted to create the feeling of being in a club, dancing for that special guy.   As you can tell, it works.

Surprise Pin-up Photographs

Sometimes a photo shoot has a change in plans. As a photographer I need to be ready to adapt to whatever happens. From bad weather to equipment problems, there are always surprises.

This week on of the pleasant surprise is when Amber came into the studio to shoot. She was showing me her lingerie and said that the one outfit was very retro. My eye immediately saw pin-up for the outfit and asked her if she would like to do some classic pin-up with it, that ended up being as sexy as sites like

Amber jumped at the chance. She hadn’t even considered doing any pin-up photography for her shoot before, but now she was excited by the idea.

Retro lingerie creates perfect pin-up for amber by Phoenix photographer, Orcatek.

She loved the final shot and everyone she showed it to told her it was one of their favorites.

Valentines Day is approaching

With the approach of Valentines day I am being kept busy with boudoir photography. After all, it does make a great gift for Valentines day. Along with the standard Roses for Valentine’s day delivery, never look past the power that photography can have as a gift.

Sexy intimate boudoir photo for valentines day by  boudoir photographer, Orcatek in Phoenix, Arizona.

Still getting a lot of maternity clients too. It seems pregnancy photos are hot this time of year.

And I have also a few of my maternity clients returning to get photos of their newborn babies.

It has been a great week to be a photographer, as I have had some amazing clients.

Just starting to catch up

The holidays were very busy and I finally have managed to get caught up and take some time to update my blog.  I’ve gotten a lot of messages from client s telling me how much their loved ones all loved the photographs.

This week I did get a chance to create some boudoir photographs.   I decided to end the shoot with some shoots using water.   Water can help to create a very sexy look.   As I think you will see in this sample from the shoot.

Jenni Lee wearing a wet shirt by Boudoir photographer Orcatek in Phoenix

It is already time to start thinking about getting your Valentines Day boudoir images shot.  So I will be getting busy again.

Holiday’s are upon us

Sexy Christmas photo of gal in Santa hat with red boa by Phoenix Boudoir Photographer Orcatek

Holiday season is a time photographs. Family portraits are created for Christmas cards to send to everyone. We want to share the changes in our family over the past year. Maybe there is a new addition or maybe everyone just a year old and better looking!

Of course there is one of the favorite gifts, sexy boudoir photographs. Read more about how boudoir makes a great gift here.

Another popular gift is photography lessons. Maybe they are getting a new camera, and maybe they just want to learn to take better pictures.

People aren’t just getting cameras as gifts now; the world is becoming more modern! With things like 360-degree cameras now available, that can capture a whole 360 angle instead of just one, normal cameras run the risk of becoming outdated (although, as bloggers like Jazz Ukes point out, some cameras will always have their specific purposes). Would you rather just one angle or a 360 angle of beautiful scenery on holiday? A 360 camera would be perfect for someone who goes traveling a lot, or someone who always finds themselves in scenic spots. Whatever the situation, before investing in one you should read up on the best 360 camera available to make your purchase that little bit easier.

Of course if you know someone who is expecting, a gift certificate for a maternity photo session is a great gift idea too.

E-mail me at [email protected] to get coupons just in time for the holidays!

Sexy boots in the boudoir

Ladies, guys like boots on you. Short boots, cowboy boots or most any other boot. So if you have some, be sure to bring them to your boudoir photography session. Men love a woman with power behind her steps. A woman that makes an entrance always gets a man’s attention. Those sexy boots tell a man that she knows what she wants and she will take it when she is ready. That authority draws men in and there is nothing they can do about it. The images you can capture in boots are breathtaking, you can see some sexy examples of boots being used at websites similar to to get a feel for the impact boots can have. There are so many creative ways that we can work with them to create some really sexy images just for him. This is just one example.

Sitting in sexy boots for this implied nude image by Phoenix boudoir photographer - Orcatek.

Of course boots are just one of the many ideas for creating those tastefully exciting photos. When you schedule your appointment we will chat about how to make your photos personalized just for him.

Of course boots were not the only thing that I had the opportunity to shoot this week. I did some senior portraits which are always fun. Capturing all the special times in turning point of their lives.

And some aspiring actors got new headshots, future moms got their maternity photos taken and a great car was brought by for some automotive photography magic.

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Sexy Boudoir Photography and Model Portfolios

So many fun shoots this week I thought I would share two of them.  The first was a photo shoot with model Oksana who need commercial photographs for her modeling agency.  We shot a wide variety of sets both in the studio and on location.   Here are a few of shots created for her modeling portfolio.

Another great shoot was a boudoir photography session in an amazing hotel.  The idea was to create sexy photographs that appeared as if the light was streaming in thru the window.  With a few photographic and lighting tricks, this image was created and she agreed to let it be shown in the blog.

It is going to get busy when the holidays arrive, so book early and save.

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